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An End to $10.00 Words

In a world filled with soundbites and top tips, we believe ARK Global stands out among its peers in remaining focused on the ‘doing’ of great marketing and efficient sales. Philosophical perspectives and motivational “TED Talks” are a dime a dozen. We hear about ‘tech stacks’ and ‘assets’ and ‘stories’; while intriguing and motivational, what matters is the doing. How are you doing? What actions–strategic and tactical–has your firm taken in the past week? The past month? How is your team doing? How does your most recent pipeline report look? What is your site traffic? Is your growth plan well defined and on track?

ARK Global calls for an end to the $10.00 words that sound like ‘good company’ but at the end of the day do not deliver. Our clients engage us to deliver results. We judge ourselves on those results, not on whether we provided the perfect eloquent word. Great companies and compelling growth stories are not built on the backs of big words and lofty ideals. Grit, focus, determination, commitment—these are the ideals we focus on. Most importantly, this is not about us, it is about our clients and what we can do for them and with them.

When is the last time you hired a consultant and what you got was some compelling words on paper that sounded engaging, timely and motivational? However, in the end there was no doing. There were only big words on paper. We hear this from prospects and clients regularly, and we have seen the work produced. While these $10.00 words make great positioning statements, they are step 1 in a multi-stage process to move efficiently from big ideas to real change. The rest of the stages are the drivers of results.

What we know for sure is that any real growth is hard work. It takes daily focus, structured game plans, team engagement and constant reality checks. What are we doing well? Where are we missing the boat? What is not working? Where must we double down and fight through the noise and clutter towards a more successful outcome? Real growth takes real game plans with tactical steps, timelines, defined deliverables and owners. Find the doers within your own organization and outside of it and engage them. Together we can put an end to the $10.00 words and truly make something great happen.


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