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The ARK Advantage

At the epicenter of Access, Research and Knowledge, ARK Global is uniquely poised to deliver results. A woman-owned and operated business, ARK Global, LLC is a Broker Dealer registered with the SEC and member FINRA and SIPC, a State Registered Investment Adviser and a Municipal Advisor registered with the SEC and MSRB. 

A Turnkey Solution

With over 150 years of combined institutional asset growth experience, ARK Global provides turnkey institutional sales, marketing consulting and competitive positioning services for the financial services industry.

A Different Kind of Partnership

“We regularly hear from market participants seeking asset growth who find that previous partnerships resulted in big ideas but little action. At ARK, we add value through interactive market engagement, integrating both traditional and digital marketing with direct sales. In short, we are doers. And together we can do anything.”

— Sandra Powers Murphy, CEO

The Time Is Right To Innovate

Quick; think of three things you always wanted to do as a business or with your team. What ‘issues’ immediately come up and what opportunities do you want to make a reality? Certain market participants will run for the hills, and others will use this time as an opportunity to innovate. This innovation may take many forms, from a new strategy to a new marketing message to a new channel. Is there something the team has talked about for some time that warrants more immediate attention given current market conditions? A project the organization has considered that will bring everyone

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My AUM Is Bigger Than Your AUM

As marketing consultants and sales professionals, we meet lots of managers. In every case AUM growth is the ultimate goal. Of course, this stands to reason as assets under management generally begets more assets under management; AUM ensures a firm it’s longevity and AUM growth is what marketing and sales professionals are hired to achieve. However, we are struck by the lack of truth in advertising that is often part and parcel to a conversation about AUM successes and failures. For managers, this data is readily available through public means, however for marketers the history of AUM flows is more

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Content is King – What Makes You Unique?

Investors and research teams read lots of similar profiles. What interests them is what would interest you. Here are some questions to consider in defining content that counts: What makes you unique? How does your team view the market? What happened to your holdings/strategy last month? What market influences are you most focused on? Impacted by? We encourage managers to strive to offer something ‘fresh’ to the market; something unique to them and to their way of thinking that is not likely to have been presented in the same way by a competitor.

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