Collaboration, Representation, Results

Success begins with the right team.


Sandra Powers Murphy

Founder, CEO

I founded ARK Global in 2007 with the mission of helping firms grow. Now, over a decade later, ARK has served as a key partner to countless firms in the growth of their AUM, business development best practices, infrastructure and more. I am immensely proud of the care we take to ensure that our clients are meeting their growth objectives. 

Bob Callaghan


Patience and commitment to a long term business development strategy are two elements critical to success in our industry. I am proud of the work that my team and I do to provide our clients with the tools and processes necessary to thrive in the institutional marketplace. We are not just a sales team– we are your strategic partner. 

Bob Callaghan Picture

Frank Zukowski

Principal, National Advisor Consultant

Collaboration. Representation. Results. These three guiding principles have served as our mantra here at ARK Global since its inception in 2007.

We embody and deliver on these principles on behalf of the incredible managers we represent, and to the institutional and advisory communities we serve. We are a proud resource to our managers. 

Marla Press

Registered Representative

With more than 20 years in the investment management marketing and sales industry, Marla provides hands on marketing consulting and distribution services to select ARK Global clients. Marla is a Registered Representative of ARK Global based in Houston, TX.

Marla Press

Franz Loeber


Over more than 25 years in this business, I have remained committed to one goal: to help investment professionals find the right opportunities for their clients. I have come to believe that some of the most basic market tenants are still the most important: It’s not “timing” the market–it’s “time in” the market, and that dollar cost averaging really works. 

Amanda Gelhaus

Marketing Manager

The financial services industry is in the midst of a transformative shift from traditional sales and marketing to a hybrid that relies heavily on digital engagement. I am thrilled to be a part of an incredible team that is dedicated to working with our clients to ensure they are poised for success in the modern market environment.

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Lisa Welch

Internal Sales, Research

Throughout my 20+ years in the financial services industry, I have come to realize that institutional sales is strikingly similar to my biggest passion–running marathons. They’re both long processes that require determination, perseverance, relentless training, and the ability to push on despite any and every obstacle you are faced with.

Jeannette DiBiase

Marketing Operations

Consistency is the most important factor that differentiates a good firm from a great firm; organizations must be consistent in their content, messaging and process to compete in today’s market. When working with ARK Global’s clients, I am passionate about ensuring the consistency and quality of all aspects of our work. 

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Christine Donahue

Graphic Designer

I am proud to integrate graphic design into the world of financial services. Whether that be designing collateral, recharging a firm’s logo and branding— we are capable of providing a variety of critical services to the firms we serve.