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Is Volatility Causing Inertia? Here’s An Idea: Get Active!

Often, when markets are most volatile, managers run for the hills. Who wants to communicate when times are tough? YOU DO!!! Spikes in volatility, difficult market conditions and world events are all excellent reasons to reach out to your investors and prospects alike. Why? This is exactly the time when they want some sound information about what is happening in the markets, and some perspective to support their decisions. Now is the time to:

By: Jeroen Bennink
  1. Pick up the phone—call prospects and clients to offer your perspectives
  2. Schedule a touch base meeting—there is nothing like facetime to reinforce a relationship
  3. Provide compelling commentary regarding how (and why) the strategy has performed YTD

No matter what form you choose for your communication, get out there with your message. Don’t forget to provide a ‘Looking Ahead’ as well; where does the firm see the market going through the remainder of 2019? Keep it short, to the point, and value-added in meaningful content. A few salient points will resonate better than a 10 page dissertation.

By: MrkJohn
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