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Uncovering Excellence Through Self Evaluation

There are several criteria that ARK seeks in identifying high quality managers. Why? Because we know this is what the market seeks as well. Consider these profile attributes and determine if you meet all of them before engaging the institutional market:

  • Investment managers…not asset gatherers
  • Focused team with a significant commitment to the asset class and strategy
  • Extensive track record through a variety of market cycles
  • Differentiated investment management approach that has the ability to add unique value
  • A culture of excellence
  • A focus on risk management
  • Long term investment solutions with a permanent home in a diversified portfolio
  • Partnership oriented managers who are seeking higher quality, long term institutional investor relationships

We also must evaluate investment management firms’ business infrastructure to assess coverage in key areas of institutional qualification, including operations, legal and compliance, insurance, investment management team backgrounds and bench strength, history, organizational culture and mission, performance analytics and reporting, preparation for on-site due diligence. Firms should ensure that they are prepared for this level of due diligence prior to engaging the institutional market.