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The Last Chance to Dance- How to Take Control of The Final Quarter of 2019

By: Dafne Cholet

Q3 is moments away from becoming history.  What is left to do before year end?  As we face this last quarter – this last chance to dance with the market before year end – consider the following moves:

  • Commit to A Final Travel Game Plan
    Now is the time to finalize the last quarter of the year in terms of travel.  Select 3 locations, perhaps around planned event attendance or current clients, identify your target prospects and pursue meetings.  Audiences are most likely to be receptive the first three weeks of November, as Thanksgiving falls quite late this year, and the first two weeks of December.
  • Add to Your Story
    We’ve talked extensively about the importance of your story – what you do and why you do it.  We will continue to focus on the critical need to actively engage the market around these key elements – not just with performance and the same old – updates.  (BORING!) What might the market truly appreciate receiving from you?  Pick one element of the current market environment and how it has impacted what you do and what is in your portfolio.  Tell you story through the lens of a current market trend, condition or anomaly.
  • Review Your Team’s 2019 Goals
    What did your team commit to for 2019?  You are now 3/4 of the way through the year.  What has been accomplished versus what the firm set out to do.  What can still be accomplished?  Pull the team together to review the 2019 game plan and discuss what has worked, what hasn’t, and what top priorities the team wants to tackle before year end.  It is important to ensure that the priorities are tactical in nature and clearly defined, rather than general goals that are dependent on outside factors such as market conditions, prospect responsiveness and general market opportunity.
  • Identify Your Top 10
    Define the team’s top 10 – and each individual member’s top-10 in writing.  These items can range widely from securing meetings to writing a blog post, from engaging team members around presentation training to rethinking a vendor relationship-everything is fair game.  Now is the time to define and implement a flawless fourth quarter.
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