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The Calm Before The Storm

By: oatsy40

August is the end of summer. Whether the kids go back to school mid-month or luck out with a post Labor Day start, August is well loved for its ‘end of summer’ vibes. In New England, the cool fall air returns in the evening and early mornings, even on beach days that will hit the mid-90s. Instead of providing business advice, perhaps August is the month for reflection and for checking a few things off your bucket list. Here are a few favorites of our team, all great ‘therapy’ for the constant drumbeat of ‘do do do’:

  1.  Attend an outdoor concert.
  2. Take part in a local community event.
  3. Go ‘back to school’ shopping for ‘school supplies’ and new clothes – even if you haven’t had a school aged child in years.
  4. Get outside to see some gorgeous sunsets while the colors are still amazing hues of purples, pinks, oranges and reds.
  5. Pick up a ‘beach read’ and read it cover to cover with you feet up.
  6. Go out for ice cream.
  7. Enjoy a lobster the old-fashioned way.
  8. Take a road trip through a national park or to the beach.

You probably can add a few things to this short list that will make your summer complete. Take the time to enjoy them before the fall kicks into gear. With market volatility continuing and talks of potential recession in the air, the fall is sure to be busy. Now is the time to remember what life is all about, enjoying the final stretch of family time and quiet time before we all jump back in to fall schedules. My favorite is coffee ice cream with extra chocolate sprinkles, what’s yours?

By: oatsy40
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