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May Matters: Spring Ahead in Marketing – Part III

By: Mike Lawrence

Building on our May Matters: Spring Ahead in Marketing series from earlier this month, here are a few more ways you can take advantage of this last hurrah before summer:


Get Active: Be sure to provide an update to your entire CRM and take the time to pick up the phone. Utilizing this time, before folks scatter towards summer destinations and schedules, when many are in the office to touch base. It is a rare window that will not return until next fall. Establish a goal for the team of touching your entire contact database before July 1st. Take advantage of these 7 more weeks of robust marketing time before the summer BBQ season kicks in.

Take A Mid-Year Assessment: It is hard to believe, but we are also just a few short weeks away from mid-year. How did that happen? Internally, as the team looks ahead to fall, now is the time to make plans for engaging resources, prioritizing projects, and setting your agenda. What events will you attend prior to year-end? What goals did the team set for 2019 and is the firm on pace to achieve them? If not, now is a great time to figure out what resource additions, changes or adjustments are needed to deliver on the firm’s game plan before year end. If the firm is spinning its wheels in the areas of distribution, technology, product development or client servicing, now is the time to define what is needed to set the firm up for success. Considering engaging a vendor? Start those discussions now so that the firm can hit the ground running when fall kicks in, in time to make a meaningful impact in 2019. Spring ahead in marketing while you still have the time!

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