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May Matters: Spring Ahead in Marketing – Part II

Building on our May Matters: Spring Ahead in Marketing series from earlier this month, here are a few more ways you can take advantage of this last hurrah before summer:

Identify 2-4 Key Locations to Visit: May and June are traditionally solid meeting windows for research professionals and lovely times to travel. Before the kids get out of school for the summer and families leave for summer cottages, schedule a visit to 2-4 key locations and look to maximize your agenda while you are in town, expanding your reach beyond the ‘known’ audience to an additional outreach list of local RIAs, family offices and endowments & foundations, depending on your product or service.

Write Something: What an awesome time to provide some strong commentary regarding how the firm faired in Q1. Coming off the heels of a challenging Q4 for most, Q1 2019 was a positive quarter to discuss. What happened in your area of expertise? What strategies worked? What names didn’t? Who was washed out with the global economic tide and who rose above all the noise? Get out there with your message! Don’t forget to provide a ‘Looking Ahead’ as well; where does the firm see the market going through the remainder of 2019? Keep it short, to the point, and value-added in meaningful content. Focus on your area of core competency, avoiding general, macro market updates, unless that is your area of expertise.


Look for our continued series on May Matters in this blog in coming weeks.