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Consistency Matters – Avoiding The Creation Of Red Flags

One area in which we see managers of all sizes break down is in the consistency of their messaging. Research teams are adept at uncovering these inconsistencies and it is an easy reason to pass on an otherwise excellent story. They also, as they should, store what you send to them and keep detailed files, so making changes in the future becomes its own red flag.

Consistency starts with taking the time to clarify your story and positioning before anything is created with your identity on it. First, be sure you have fully vetted your story. Outline your firm history and investment process in great detail and then have various team members tell the story. Determine if anything is consistently presented differently, left out, or overlooked. Do not presume what is ‘important’ to an investment research team or investor; different investors are seeking different attributes in each search. Focus on telling your story with as much clarity, efficiency, and process detail as you can.

Once you’ve confirmed and clarified your story, make sure that it is consistently delivered. Do 100% of your materials share a consistent message about how you manage money? Does every piece created, whether electronic, hard copy or verbal presentation share the same consistent story? Are all members of your team who will interact with potential investors, including in office staff who will participate in on-site visits, on the same page regarding your Firm’s story and how it is to be told?