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What Comes Around-Goes Around: Why Modern Methods Might Lead Us Right Back to Old School Marketing

By: Anthony Easton

The world is jumping up and down about the value of digital media, virtual wholesaling, integrated technologies and so on.  By the time this post is made, there will be something new to consider-a new technology, a new approach, a new opportunity to engage the market.  And if you are in the industry, you are also getting bombarded by these ‘opportunities’ daily.  Overwhelmed?  You are in good company.  What might surprise you less than the notion of a “quiet’ hour in you inbox is that as there are more and more ‘opportunities’ – they are yielding fewer and fewer results.  The sheer volume has given rise to smart remote systems screening out a solid 30%+ of inquiries.

Perhaps now that the market is going green (although we can argue about the environment, social and human impact of 24/7/365 technology access points on our wrists, in our hands, in our offices and on our televisions) and everything is digital, it might be time to consider augmenting these highly efficient solutions with good old fashioned marketing.  How about a direct mail piece?  When is the last time you received a high quality, direct mail piece?  Or an old fashioned mail package that profiles a firm and their capabilities?  Yes, there is a concern about extra paper use and superfluous items that hit the junk drawer or worse yet, the trash, but with some careful planning and channel analysis the firm could stand out with a timely, streamline yet memorable snail mail delivery.



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