Strategy Development

Our market research and industry experience has allowed ARK Global to provide key insights to the Institutional Investors and Research Professionals we partner with. Here are a series of strategic insights for which we are regularly engaged.

Market Intelligence:

What's Next?

We spend countless hours talking to the market—managers, investors, research professionals and colleagues. We want to learn from them: What are they doing? What are they seeing? What are they seeking?

The market is challenging with lots of healthy competition. We add value by bringing timely ideas that are based on specific market feedback and competitive knowledge. ARK Global engages to provide market intelligence, including what’s next in product development, marketing solution definition and implementation.

Competitive Feedback:

What Is The Competition Doing?

Every manager believes their strategy is unique. Our passion lies in deciphering the truly unique characteristics of each manager in order to differentiate them from a crowded landscape.
At ARK, we know that all organizations are competing to grow market share and that every bit of insight helps. We provide competitive feedback and market landscape dynamics to our clients in order to build the best manager story and positioning for long term success. We identify each manager’s authentic attributes in light of current market demand to support maximum growth.

Asset Classes:

What Is Trending?

Markets are not the only constituents that experience cycles. Asset classes also move through various trends and development stages. Think Bitcoin, FinTech, and the future of finance. At ARK, we assist market constituents in identifying, evaluating and monitoring these shifts to proactively assist our clients in focusing on the right opportunities at the right time.

Undiscovered Managers:

Who Are You Missing?

As a woman-owned business ourselves, we are committed to advancing the discovery of managers from all backgrounds and across all geographies, strategies, and team profiles. We continue to see a market focused on the biggest brands at the detriment of both performance and value-added partnerships that expand the marketplace towards a more inclusive universe. At ARK, we are focused on uncovering and representing the undiscovered opportunities, managers and market segments of the future.

Content Development:

How Can We Contribute?

We work with managers who are committed to bringing extensive strategy education and unique market commentary to investors. We believe that the market needs more high quality, timely and targeted investor education from qualified investment management professionals.

We assist our clients with the production and sharing of timely market commentary, specific strategy education and their best ideas with institutional investors.

Team Ambassadors:

How Can We Engage?

As marketing and sales professionals dedicated to business development and organizational growth, we are regularly engaged around team dynamics. A key opportunity missed by organizations regardless of size is the expansion of general market networking among the firm’s resources. A firm’s sales organization typically has clarity around its individual engagement within the community and industry, but few other professionals on the team will be tapped as firm ambassadors. Every team member can build market presence. How are your team members building market presence?

Pitch Perfect:

Who Could Benefit?

With over 150+ years of combined, direct financial services marketing and sales experience, we have seen countless presentations given by individuals and teams. Regardless of the size of the organization, time in market, experience of participants or knowledge of the presenters, we regularly see areas for improvement that will be game changers in the sales enablement process. ARK provides hands on coaching, one-on-one presentation training, team best practices and ongoing consultation to ensure no presentation opportunity is blown. It can take 10+ interactions to get a meeting. Why risk it?

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