ARK Global, LLC. Access + Research + Knowledge

From strategic positioning, through the tactical delivery of marketing, sales, and relationship management services, we partner with investment managers seeking access to institutional investors, working across a wide variety of asset classes and product types. Hallmarks of our process include:

  • Long term partnerships–with our managers and our investors/research partners.
  • Proactive industry intelligence.
  • Highly efficient process from story development through distribution.
  • Advanced automation and active data integration.
  • Real time market feedback to enhance manager’s presence and positioning.
  • Hands on, interactive consulting and competitive research to pinpoint each client’s specific opportunity set.


  • Business

    Evaluate business infrastructure to confirm adequate coverage in all key areas of institutional qualification.

  • Brand

    Enhance/revamp brand presence in the market to ensure effective delivery of key messaging and positioning.

  • Market

    Oversee all collateral, commentary, messaging and data across all media to ensure appropriate positioning, accuracy and timing.

  • Sell

    Deployment of a team of seasoned marketing professionals charged with full implementation of a strategic marketing and sales strategy across channels to grow AUM.

  • Build

    Engage in a focused, ongoing investor partnership model that is designed to enhance and solidify long term key relationships; Our objective is to increase cross sell opportunities and to retain assets on behalf of our clients.